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Midnight Run Wolves



 Arctic Wolf Hybrid
115 lbs

Koda is a low content Gray wolf, Arctic wolf, Alaskan Malamute, GSD and Siberian Husky mix.  He has a great temperament and is extremely intelligent and loyal.  As with all wolf dogs, Dakota is HIGH energy and requires significantly more exercise and stimulation than your typical dog;  however this adventurous nature is also what makes his personality so great!



Grey Wolf Hybrid

95 lbs

Kodiak is an upper-mid content

Gray Wolf (74%) , Alaskan Malamute,

GSD and Siberian Husky Hybrid.

This sweet and loving boy is a

stunning black phase! 

He loves children and other animals.

Kodiak is highly intelligent but as

with any wolfdog he is also

high energy! Kodiak produces a

variety of gorgeous colored puppies

and passes on his wonderful

temperament making his puppies

very desirable! 



Siberian Husky / GSD

70 lbs

Issah is a gorgeous, bi-eyed, Husky and German Shepherd mix.  She has a wonderful temperament and is extremely well-mannered. Issah's favorite activities include car rides and naps.  She prefers to be lazy and loved on constantly and is great with children.   We are expecting our first litter out of Kodiak and Issah February 2019! These puppies will not only be beautiful but will also have exceptional temperaments! Don't miss out on this unique pair!



 Gray Wolf Hybrid

80 lbs

Korra is a mid content Gray wolf (52%) with Alaskan Malamute, GSD and Siberian Husky.  This beautiful girl has an exceptionally sweet temperament and is extremely intelligent. 

Korra's disposition is on the calmer side for wolfdogs and she enjoys spending time both inside and outside.  She also really enjoys car rides and gets along well with other animals including cats and small dogs/puppies!  Korra has a unique grey coloring and we expect her to produce

a variety of grey and black phase puppies. We look forward to her

pairing with Kodiak Spring 2020!



White German Shepherd
85 lbs

Riley is a purebred German Shepherd.

She is a plush coat which pairs

perfectly with our sires

giving the puppies a gorgeous,

longer and  fluffier coat.

Riley truly has an amazing disposition. She is energetic but settles right

down when inside or on car rides.

Riley is friendly, loyal, intelligent

and very affectionate providing

the perfect balance to the

more adventurous nature of the

wolfdogs. She can run and play all

day or lay around on the couch,

she's just happy to be included in

any family activity! 



Gray Wolf Hybrid
30 lbs @ 4 months

Keno is a mid content (~54%) Gray Wolf, GSD, Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky Hybrid. Keno should be a good size boy weighing in at 30 lbs at his 4 month checkup. He has a plush coat but his dam and siblings were long-haired so there is potential for puppies with a long coat!


Keno is exceptionally friendly, his breeding lines are known for producing amazing dispositions, and we hope to pass that on to his future puppies. He is an energetic pup and loves to be on the go.  Keno enjoys car rides and meeting new people, he's a confident boy that's always up for a new experience.  His favorite place to be is doggy daycare where he gets excellent socialization with people and other dogs.  Keno settles right down on the couch when inside and loves to snuggles up.  He's very affectionate,friendly, loyal, and almost too smart for his own good! We are looking forward to producing  litters from Keno as soon as Spring 2020!

White German Shepherd
85 lbs




Kali is a purebred German Shepherd.

She is a plush coat shepherd which

pairs perfectly with our sires giving 

the puppies a fluffy coat. Kali is calm, loyal, intelligent and loves to go on car rides providing the perfect balance

to Kodiak's more adventurous temperament. She can hike all day or

lay around on the couch, she's just

happy to be with the family.